How is it done?

Steps of an Embryo Adoption.While every embryo adoption is unique, there are several common steps that will occur all embryo adoptions. Watch a Video HERE: The Process of Embryo Adoption

1. Locate your Donor/”Bio-family”. There are several ways to do this. You can sign up through an agency, clinic, online matching service, or appeal to your personal network for leads.
2. Get your Doctor’s Approval. Your fertility doctor will look at all the medical factors and then give you their recommendation. Once you’re serious about a potential match, ask for their medical & embryo records so that your doctor can have all the information and point out any facts you may have overlooked or misunderstood.
3. Sign a Contract. In most states, embryo adoption is considered a “property transfer” much like selling a vehicle. If you prefer to, you can tailor your contract to be more like a traditional adoption agreement. After a child is born, you can choose to finalize the adoption in court (not necessary in some states).
4. Arrange Transportation for the Embryos. This is much easier than it sounds. The clinic currently  housing the embryos will tell you which transportation company they prefer and give you their contact info. You will sign the paperwork, give them your payment info, tell them which clinic to ship it to and they will take care of the rest.
5. Start Taking Medicine. Once your embryos have arrived safely at their new clinic, your doctor will start you on medicine (Ex: birth control, estrogen and progesterone) to prepare your body. Typically, you can expect to take one or two pills per day with little to no side effects.6. Frozen embryo transfer. This procedure is very similar to a pap-smear. It’s pretty quick and painless. Then on to bed-rest for 24-72 hours depending on your doctor’s recommendation.

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