What is the timeline?

Acceptance into an agency, or clinic program: 1-6 months
Matching: 1-6 months
Legal Work & Transportation of Embryos: 1-3 months
Preparing for transfer: 1-3 months
Pregnancy: 9 months

Your timeline will vary greatly depending upon these factors:

  • The Method by which you choose to seek an Embryo Adoption. Every agency and clinic handles this process in a unique way. Some organizations require steps which elongate the process, but are intended for your benefit. Private methods of matching will allow you to control the length of the process, but puts more responsibility of your shoulders.
  • The type of Relationship you choose to have with the Embryo Donors. Many programs offered shortened wait times if you are willing to accept embryos from an anonymous donor. Building a relationship with donors can take longer, but can also provide many long-term benefits.
  • Specifications. How specific you are in being matched with embryos of a particular race, background, or gender can lengthen the wait time.






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