Although very few people enjoy fundraising – it can be a great way to inform people about Embryo Adoption. There are several organizations out there that can assist you with your fundraising efforts.

Fundraising Organizations

  • Lifesong for Orphans – Once approved in their program, individuals can get tax write-offs for donating to your adoption fund. They also offer matching grants and interest free loans.
  • Pathways for Little Feet – Offer grants and interest free loans.
  • Indigogo – A fundraising platform

Fundraising Activities

  • Sell a Product. Some families have successfully sold products such as cookie dough, child identification for kids, or teddy bears with T-shirts that said, “I support adoption!”
    • Bonfire Funds – sell t-shirts via their program. Minimum: 50 shirts.
  • Hold an Event. Some hold events such as garage sales, raffles, and dinners.
  • Send a Letter. Others have sent out letters to friends, families members, and businesses directly asking for monetary donations, asked for gifts toward their adoption fund in lieu of gifts for birthdays or holidays.
  • Create a Website or Blog. Collect donations and keep your support group informed with a websites that includes a donation button linked to PayPal. Checkout wordpress or blogspot to get started.

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